Top 5 Reasons To Put Your Phone Away on a Date

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  • Date: October 17, 2022
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It can be tempting to sneak a look at your phone when you are at dinner with your partner; our phones have become an integral part of our lives, and going without them for even a few minutes and forgetting hours has become difficult.

However, it is ideal for putting your Smartphone away during your romantic dinner date to avoid being the person who is addicted to their work and can’t stay for even the duration of a date without glancing at their phones every few minutes.

These are the top five reasons you should not check your Smartphone while on a romantic date:

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Your Date Won’t Like It

In today’s age, everyone owns a Smartphone, and your date likely does too. But date night is not the time when you let them feel that they are not as important as a device you own. Sure, they may have a phone addiction too, but by putting away your phone, you show them you respect the time you spend together.

Nothing Big Is Going To Happen if You Don’t Look at Your Phone

Let’s face it; there is not going to be some major email or text message that can’t wait the time it takes for a lovely meal and pleasant conversation with your partner. If it is important you are likely to know ahead, or if it isn’t as important, it can wait till the end of dinner.

Everyone Can See You Check Your Phone

You may think you are being discreet, and no one noticed you sneaking a peek at your Smartphone to see if your new picture has any more likes. But your date, waiter, and anyone else nearby can see you.

Everyone Will Think Your Date Is Not Going Well

If your date is not going as well as you might hope, then peeking at your phone will not make it any better. If it is going well, you should pay attention to the date and not your electronic device. Either way, you shouldn’t look at the device.

The Offline World Is a Wonderful Place

While you may always be ‘online’, it can be a good idea to remember to enjoy our natural world and stay off devices, if only for a short time. You may be surprised at how much you ended up enjoying the evening.

Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone? Top 10 Ways to Know

Mobile phones have gone from being a way to contact other people to a device used to do many functions that are necessary in a person’s life. However at what point does the reliance on a smartphone turn into an addiction? Read on to find out.

  • Your phone rests under your pillow while you sleep. Is your phone too precious to lay it on that ‘far away’ table? If you are putting your phone under your pillow every night, chances are that you are addicted to it.
  • Your phone charger is super important to you. If your phone charger is the only reason you will leave your bed, then it means you have a unique relationship with it.
  • You hold on to your phone for no particular reason. You have a dozen places you could put your phone, yet you find yourself holding it in your hand. Chances are you are relying on it to fulfil some desperate need or maybe it is because your phone has become an obsession to you.
  • You have a panic attack when you think you lost your phone. In all likelihood it is right there, just not in your hand. Yet you are nervous.
  • You take the phone along when you go to the loo. Your trip to the toilet includes scrolling down Instagram or going on your phone to check something or the other that you must know right away.
  • You check if the place ha WIFI as soon as you get there. Doesn’t matter if you on a cruise ship or a mountain resort, WIFI is the most important thing
  • You check your phone as soon as you wake up. After turning off the alarm, you try to read everything else on your home page with one eye closed.
  • You check your phone even though you know you don’t have notifications. You know that your phone will beep if you have any notifications; however you still check your phone.
  • Seeing ‘low battery’ makes you hyperventilate. Oh no, the dreaded red words! Your pulse races when your phone is low on battery and the charger is not in sight.
  • ‘Scrolling’ takes up a lot of time in your day. You think you are quickly going to check Instagram, Twitter and logon to Facebook before doing something else. Before you know your day is almost over scrolling through social media.
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