IPhone Security Apps to Keep Your Phone Safe and Secure

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  • Date: November 12, 2022
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Your phone must remain in safe hands if you use your smartphone to perform financial transactions like online shopping and other internet-based functions. The more functions our phones perform, the more necessary it becomes to keep them safe and secure. These 12 iPhone security apps will go a long way to avoiding security problems.

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The Growth of Malware

Malware attacks are increasing at an alarming pace, making cyber security and online safety more important than ever. While most people buy anti-virus software for their computers and take steps to keep their laptops safe, they sometimes forget that their mobile phones and tablets are just as lucrative for criminals as computers.

The most common way cyber criminals target mobile devices is through apps. Malware can pose as useful apps but are built for either data breaches or ransomware, which means they steal your identity or force you to pay up.

Android and iOS devices can become the target of such cyber attacks; however, experts claim that Android is the preferred choice of malware app creators due to its wide reach. Android phones are now more popular than ever, and its open-source platform makes it a more thrilling activity for malware makers.

Apple encourages its users to only use apps from its own app store, which has helped keep a malware check; however Android users can download from various app stores, including its own Play store. Surprisingly, some dodgy apps have even made their way into the play store and lured unsuspecting victims with high ratings. A recent malware attack is said to have stolen the Instagram credentials of at least 1.5 million people. Sometimes the malware poses as a different version of an already popular app to avoid looking suspicious or new.

Security Apps for Your iPhone

Today we have the top security apps that will help keep your iPhones and iPads safe from all types of theft and even peeping.


It is a well-known name in password management and includes features like auto-fill, sync etc. This app adds a layer of protection to protect your passwords. The app generates highly secure passwords; you can keep your accounts separate and manage them easily. Priced at $9.99, it is not very expensive either.


This app is another way to have secure and strong passwords, as it remembers all your passwords and other sensitive data. It can be used to create unique and secure passwords. This free app is an excellent alternative. You don’t want to shell out money for password security.


Lookout is a different type of security app. It is a device tracker and worksApple’spple’s Find My iPhone. The app tracks your device using GPS and helps you track a lost phone via another device using the Lookout account. It can help retrieve stolen phones since it can ring the phone remotely or even send a message to the lost phone. It also has other exciting features like saving your phone’s last location before turning off or running out of battery and backing up contacts.

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone’s GPS tracking app. It can be installed on your phone to track and control its location. You can perform functions remotely, such as wiping away the data or making the phone raise the alarm. The app is free, and your phone can be tracked with your iCloud account, making it easy to access.

Best Phone Security Pro

This app is mainly for content security and will protect your iPhone from unauthorized access. It has a passcode lock to protect the phone, and anyway, using it without the correct code will be scared off by an alarm that can be set. Features include being able to choose or record your alarm sound. The app can also capture the photo of anyone who tries to access your phone illegally.

Foscam Surveillance Pro

As the name indicates, this app is for surveillance. You can use the live feed from six cameras at various locations and even control their movement. This cheap surveillance app is ideal for small business owners or anyone who wishes to have access to security cameras in a small place that doesn’t have more than six cameras. There are also several similar iPhone security apps on the market.


This new app can reroute and encrypt all web traffic on your phone to make the connection private. VPNs are a type of iPhone security app that makes it possible to connect remotely to your computer using Citrix at work, and this is the same kind of program).


Keep is a high-tech app that can save users’ data safely on the phone. It is a good choice if you want to protect credit card details or other private notes on your phone. There is even a fake password feature that will make the app look like it’s empty when entered. So if someone asks you for a password to the app don’t have to give them the real one.

Lock It Up!

Lock It Up! It is an app that allows users to lock their other devices using an iPhone; it is a cloud-based app and is a great way to prevent data theft or to lock your computer when you leave it at home and don’t want mom to see it.


Another of the messaging iPhone security apps that lets you communicate security. Signal uses encryption to protect your communication. It includes messaging and voice calls and can also be used to verify identity and the channel they use. It is available for free download.


Secure messaging is taken to the next level with Wire. It also has encrypted live audio and video calling features, and the app sends a new key code every time you log in to maintain top-notch security.

Mailbox Zeo

This new-gen app was created to reorganize inboxes by relevance or importance. Thdoesn’toesn’t store any information but organizes it on your phone. It  is a self-learning app and is free to download

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