Top 10 Best Hiking Apps for Your Mobile Device 

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  • Date: October 16, 2022
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It is the time of the year when packing your camping gear and heading outdoors is the best thing to do. Are you ready to say bye to your desk and head out to enjoy the clear blue sky on a hike or a nature walk?

We have the best ten hiking apps to choose from for your iOS or Android devices. Enjoy your adventure!

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This app is for you if you’re outdoorsy and want to share your adventures with others like you. Yonder is excellent for sharing your experiences about hiking, camping or even biking, and it is like a social network hiking App for adventure enthusiasts. You can also see pictures shared by others and share your own.


Cairn is all about the most important thing when you are out hiking – safety. The app guides you to stay safe and can get you help if required. You can also know details about areas where you can expect cell coverage before you head on trial. It uses your phone’s GPS and can keep tabs on your location. It is only available for Apple devices, but an Android version is in the works.


Geocaching takes your hike to the next level by turning it into a treasure hunt. Players can hide small items and post their GPS coordinates in the app. There are around 2 million of these ‘treasures’ on the app, and users can utilize their GPS to find them. It is an exciting and fun app for adventure seekers.


Leafsnap is a project created by Columbia University, the University of Maryland and the Smithsonian Institution, which uses visual recognition technology to help you identify what species of a tree a leaf is from. Just click a leaf picture, and the app can provide details about the plant. It also identifies good photos of bark, fruits and flowers and can be a nature lover’s delight.


This is a top-rated hiking app among hikers and can be used to find great trails near you depending on the type of adventure you seek. You can find courses for mountain biking or an easy hike, or you could even add your trail if you have found one. The app has around 1.5 million users and has trail guides for about 50,000 courses in the U.S and Canada.

Mountain Hub

Mountain Hub is an excellent app for finding updates on weather and terrain from different hiking areas. Maps are available, and the app uses information from other hikers and climbers to update data.

MapMyHike GPS Hiking

As the name suggests, the app uses GPS to provide details about your trial route, pace, distance, and other information about your adventure. You can use the app to record your hikes, which is aimed at people who are into hiking and outdoor activities for fitness. There is also a premium version available at $6 a month, with live tracking, heart rate monitoring, audio coaching, etc.

MotionX GPS

Another GPS-based app offers a good selection of maps and marine charts and can work without cell networks. You can download maps ahead of the hike and use data from the app to help you plan your course. The app is not free and is available at $2 for iOS users.

Audubon Birds Pro

This app is specially designed for bird watchers and bird lovers. You can use it to identify the birds you spot while you are out hiking by using photos and descriptions. There are around 808 species of birds recorded with their songs and calls, and you can even find migratory maps and places where the birds were last spotted.

Chimani National Parks

This hiking app is for those who love visiting national parks. The U.S. has around 59 national parks, and the app provides essential information, news and photos. Whether heading out to Yosemite or Acadia, this app is for you. The app also includes audio tours, hiking trails and additional guides for all the national parks. Use this to plan your trip and make the most of your national park adventure.

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